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Chris and Michael: Our Story

In 2022 when we lived near Berwick, we would spend our time travelling around from court to court trying to find an unoccupied one. our love of the game, the enjoyment it gave us, and a desire to improve took over our summer.To Michael it was a new sport, and to Chris it was finding the ability to once again be able to play the sport that she loved.

In the September of 2022 we moved to Avonport, and searched for out nearest tennis court which of course was Hantsport. We soon met Ben Johnson and a conversation began about the possibilities of starting an official tennis club.

We were busy over the winter of 2022/23 - there was more to setting up the club than we thought! But here we are, registered with Tennis Nova Scotia, insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstance, and we have acquired a range of equipment to ensure that everyone will have fun!

This first year will be a learning curve for all of us. But we believe that if we work together and respect each other, then as time goes on, we will hopefully be able to iron out any wrinkles. We want the club to be open to everyone regardless of your abilities. We have tried to keep membership costs and cost of other programs as low as we can, in the hope that it is accessible to everybody.

We are particularly excited about the wheelchair component of the club, which we know may not be familiar to everyone. but we hope in time more people will try it, and it will spread to more and more clubs. At this time we will be renting 4 sports chairs from Sports Nova Scotia, but the hope is that as the memberships grow, and the interest in wheelchair tennis grows, it may be possible to purchase our own tennis wheelchairs.

We hope to meet more of you on court, that the club will be successful, and please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Chris and Michael
Club Founders and Directors

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Head Coach


Starting 2024 we welcome as part of the team, Sunpreetsingh Kochhar, better known to us as Sunny. We met Sunny in 2023 and got to know more about him, and his love for tennis.

Some of the benefits of having a coach as a third member at the core of our tennis club, are the skills and experience he brings to build up and help organize programs. He has a unique approach to coaching, not just focusing on skills of the game, but also the mental approach to the sport. He has a great connection with children and beginners who are new to tennis, and brings with it all, a great sense of humour.


We are located in Hantsport, Nova Scotia