Guidelines and Expectations

Membership Guidelines and Expectations

This is an annual membership for those 18 years and older. Family memberships are for up to two adults and three children under 18 living at the same address. Membership gives access to the ball machine, allows for court reservations, and access to the club house. The HMCC will be doing extensive renovations and improvements to the club house in 2023, so access may not be possible for this year.

Memberships can be paid through e-transfer at hantsporttennisclub@gmail.com. Please indicate in the message section of the transfer your name and what the money is for. Memberships are non -refundable. Payment for any teaching sessions must be made by the deadline and are non-refundable. If a class or session needs to be cancelled because of bad weather, a make-up session will be added to the end of the course.

During all sessions, classes and events put on by the Hantsport Tennis Club, we ask that there be a spirit of respect, good sportsmanship, and fun. We are all hear to learn in a friendly, safe and co-operative atmosphere. Members or others who exhibit bad or hostile behaviour will be asked to leave the courts. Foul language, loud music and harassing other players will not be tolerated.

We rent the courts from the Hantsport Memorial Community Centre and the use of the clubhouse. It is not our property. Please treat the courts, clubhouse and surrounding property with care and respect and do not leave garbage or personal items on the property after you leave.

The ball machine has been acquired through a grant to help the wheelchair component of our program. If the machine is not being used by the wheelchair players, it is available to other members. Before you will be allowed to use the machine a brief period of instruction is required. The ball machine must remain on the court at all times and cannot be transported to another facility. There is a remote control programmed specially for the machine, and it is unique to this machine and therefore cannot be replaced and must not be removed. Should you loose or damage the remote, you will be responsible for purchase of a new machine. To borrow the ball machine, please email or call Michael or Chris and let us know when you have reserved the court.

There will be priority tennis court times when a member will be able to secure a court for lessons or playing time. Members are encouraged to book court times on line through the website. We also hope that when you are playing on the court and do not have a reservation, and another member comes with a reservation, that you would respect that, and either change courts, or if they are full, simply allow the member who has a reservation to play at the time they have chosen. These problems can easily be avoided by booking your court on the club website.

Sport wheelchairs are available for those who wish to learn to play wheelchair tennis. We will have a wheelchair coach who will be holding group lessons. An introduction to the use of a sports wheelchair can be arranged with Chris or Michael. A brief period of instruction is required. So please phone or email to set up a time..

This is the first year for our tennis club and as co-directors, we are doing our best to have things in place for the smooth running of the club. This includes on line court reservations. No doubt, there may be problems along the way so we ask for your patience and understanding.

As with any sport or physical activity, it is recommended that you seek the advice of your health care provider to ensure this program is safe for you and your family. You also realize that there are inherent risks associated with this activity. While both the Tennis Club and the Hantsport Recreation Community Centre have done all we can to make this activity and the facilities safe, we also expect you, as a member, to take all reasonable efforts to ensure your own safety, and the safety of your family and other guests.

Please be aware that at some events, we will be taking photographs which may appear on our website, or social media sites of Tennis Nova Scotia or Tennis Canada. If you do not want your picture or the picture of a family member taken, please let us know.

By submitting this form with payment, you confirm that you have read, understood and are wiling to abide by the above guidelines and expectations.

Thank you for becoming a member of the Hantsport Tennis Club and we look forward to a great year on the courts.

Michael Calderwood and Chris Calderwood-Lusk
Co-directors of the Hantsport Tennis Club