Head Coach


I came to this country in 2016 and moved to Nova Scotia in 2021. I have 6+ years of business professional experience working with organizations acorss various industries but what I really enjoy is being on a tennis court!! I have been a coach for a few years now and have participated in a number of tournaments across Atlantic Canada. I am very competitive, but with that I am also a very committed coach and try to always do the best for all my players.

I have taken my instructors course which also allows me to coach not only children but wheelchair tennis too. I am taking a further wheelchair tennis course in April, and adding to my qualifications a CP1 course furthering my skills and training for adults. I enjoy all aspects of lessons and teaching children and adults.

I am very happy to be part of Hantsport Tennis Club and along with Chris and Michael am committed to promoting a safe, friendly, welcoming, respectful atmosphere on court, and looking forward to the coming season with you all!!